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Parts Work

Parts Work comes in many forms and shades. It is integral to Shamanic work and Shamanic conceptualisations of the human psyche. Over the years, I have acquainted myself with different approaches to parts work. I would like to introduce two of them to you:

Internal Family Systems


Internal Family Systems is one of the most effective, fascinating therapeutic approaches that I know. I have benefitted from it personally as much as in working with my clients. IFS was developed by the psychotherapist Dick Schwartz. It comprises a model of how our psyche's many parts are arranged as well as guidelines and concrete steps on how to engage with the parts. A central assumption in IFS is: all parts are benevolent and work for your well-being. Hence the title of Schwartz's book "No bad parts". Recognising that even the most annoying and seemingly obstructive part has a positive intention for us, creates a massive feeling of relief for many clients and paves the way back to self-love. Engaging with individual parts, understanding their motivation and helping them find new means and purposes further deepens this process of getting to know and to accept oneself.

The Core Transformation Process


The Core Transformation Process was developed by Connirae Andreas and is based on her years of experience with NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming).


The gentle, simple process consists of ten steps designed to change unwanted thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It is based on the assumptions that we can think of our psyche as being made up of several parts; that all of these parts want good for us (even if the outcome may sometimes look different); that we unconsciously strive to experience states of "wholeness", "oneness", "peace", "love", etc.; that these states are always attainable if we learn how.


The Core Transformation Process can be done in individual sessions by itself or combined with Breathwork. Since Connirae Andreas provides a variety of materials for self-study (e.g. the book Core Transformation Process), each client can also repeat the process for him/herself.

Sina Birkholz Core Transformation Process

"I’ve done the core transformation process and the Shamanic healing, it helped me to heal my inner child. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to have come across a fb post where I was directed to her. Each therapy moved something within that led me towards a self healing internal process."

Gina, Mexiko

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