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Do., 13. Juli



Breathwork for Clarity and Guidance - Group session online & in English

This is an opportunity to journey deep into yourself, to discover unknown or forgotten treasures, and to re-establish a deep sense of connection – with your body, your self, and the world around you. The session integrates movement, conscious connected breathing, music and being in community.

Breathwork for Clarity and Guidance - Group session online & in English
Breathwork for Clarity and Guidance - Group session online & in English

Zeit & Ort

13. Juli 2023, 19:00 – 20:30 MESZ


Über die Veranstaltung

In this session, we will focus on increasing clarity and receiving guidance, so we can conifdently walk our path in life.

My method, Clarity Breathwork, is a form of conscious connected breathing. Conscious connected breathing is powerful and intuitive. It can help you clear old emotions, heal layers of trauma, recognize unhelpful patterns and gain clarity. It is an excellent way to reconnect with your body and aspects of yourself that you want to bring to light. It can increase your energy and bring experiences of profound joy and peace. Breathwork is a powerful catalyst for change. If you are ready for transformation, this practice is for you.

The method I facilitate, Clarity BreathworkTM, is gentle and powerful at the same time. I build the whole 90-minute session in such a way that there is room for a deep experience and for its gentle integration. We will begin with some (light, joyful) movement,  a meditation or a round of sharing. I will then guide you through about 45-55 minutes of conscious connected breathing. Your own breath, the music, and my voice will support you in your deep journey.

Contribution: Contribution: I want breathwork to be affordable for everyone, I want breathwork to be affordable for everyone. Hence, depending on your income you pay 20 €* or 15 €**. If you cannot afford this, please join us anyways at a reduced rate of 10 €. After registration you will receive an email with information on how to prepare and on payment modalities. (*for monthly incomes above 1500 €; ** for monthly incomes below 1500 €)

Registration: You are considering joining a session? Then please register right away. This way you can receive a reminder a couple of days prior to the session and you will also be informed if anything changes or the session is cancelled. If something comes up and you cannot particiapte, you can easily cancel before the session.

Please be aware: while breathwork can be very beneficial for your health, it is not a medical practice and I am not a medical practitioner. If you suffer from severe mental illness, epilepsy, high blood pressure, retinal detachment or a heart disease, or a experiencing a difficult pregnancy, please consult your doctor or psychologist before doing breathwork. If you are pregnant, please be extra gentle in your breathing and listen to your body, and do not do any breathholds.

The event will take place on zoom, please follow this link or the button for signing up to register through zoom:

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to book a one-on-one breathwork session to get individual support:

Lots of love,


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