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The virtual, open group sessions are a wonderful way to experience Breathwork and meet your authentic self. 

Twice a month, I take you on a journey to your innermost core. You have the opportunity to fully arrive in your body, to let go of everyday concerns, and to feel at peace. You can recharge your batteries, find motivation and clarity.

I build each session in such a way that there is room for a deep experience and for its gentle integration. We begin the session with gentle movement and an introduction to Breathwork. Afterwards I'll guide you through a meditation or visualisation that fits with our session's theme to give you a chance to settle into it and prepare for the breathing process.

Then we'll get to the main part: about one hour of conscious connected breathing. Your own breath, the music, and my voice will guide you in your journey. The style of Breathwork I facilitate, Clarity BreathworkTM, is gentle and powerful at the same time. On an emotional level, it allows you to release the old, integrate parts of you that you had so far been pushing away, and invite the new. It is also a mindfulness practice, inviting you to come into the present and to connect with your body. Each journey is different, each experience has its value. It is a profound practice that has the potential to change your life.


After the breathing process, there will be room for you to share or ask questions if you who'd like to do so.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

"Already the first group session Breathwork with Sina moved more in me than a whole year of psychotherapy. I didn't even know at that time that such states of consciousness could be achieved. It really feels like the breath is making its way to hidden emotional concerns and issues and dissolves them. I felt more liberated after each Breathwork session, and after a long search I finally feel like I have found something that helps me move forward! I can only advise everyone to try it for themselves. Sina = powerful medicine woman! ;)" 

Mathias, Germany

The method I work with, Clarity Breathwork, is intuitive, gentle and powerful at the same time.


You can learn more about it here, or check out my videos and blogposts on the topic.


Depending on the season, the open Breathwork group sessions come in varying lengths. The "Breathwork Voyages" on weekends are usually 2 hours long, with 50-60 minutes of connected breathing; weekday sessions are 1 to 1.5 hours, with a correspondingly shorter breathing session.

The Breathwork Sessions take place in German or English. 


Especially in challenging times like these, the sessions offer a wonderful opportunity to connect with other people and, for a while, step out of the everyday drama and into a world full of wonder and curiosity.


On the events page, you will find the next dates for the open group sessions online.

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