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Compassionate Inquiry 
(nach Gabor Maté)

Compassionate Inquiry helps people connect with the truth that lies within them in the present moment. In this way, we can become freer from self-created suffering, as well as gain insight, clarity, and freedom of choice in our behavior. Canadian physician Gabor Maté, who specializes in addiction and trauma therapy, developed this therapeutic approach as a complement to other modalities such as Breathwork, bodywork, or counselling. Compassionate Inquiry is extremely effective – carried by compassion, curiosity, and the will to freedom, we can get to the core of our suffering comparatively quickly. 

I myself absolutely love the work of Gabor Maté. Reading his books and watching his lectures alone cause veritable leaps in my own personal development. Gabor's teachings opened my eyes for seeing the truth of my situation and state of mind. I am grateful that in September 2021 I began a one-year long training in Compassionate Inquiry, so that the approach gradually finds its way more and more into the work with my clients.

I integrate elements of Compassionate Inquiry into my individual sessions, in particular the breathwork sessions. If you're interested in receiving Compassionate Inquiry Coaching specifically, please contact me.

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