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Clarity Breathwork

Clarity Breathwork is a gentle method to get in touch with your feelings and release emotional ballast. Feeling what hitherto has been ignored or suppressed is the best way to liberate yourself from the chains of your past.


With the power of conscious connected breathing we enter an altered state of consciousness, in which we can reactivate the connection to our intuition and our inner wisdom. We connect more deeply with our body and find clarity. Breathwork can help you to better understand yourself and your situation, to see what your true needs are and what steps to take in order to move closer to your authentic goals. 

Clarity Breathwork can dissolve blockages and transform the weight of past experiences to an astounding degree. The breath is like a magic weapon that knows exactly which hidden problems and emotions need to be found and integrated. After a Breathwork session, people usually feel liberated, at peace with themselves, full of love for themselves and others, and open to connection.

I facilitate Clarity Breathwork in different formats, as a group experience and as one-to-one sessions. Which of the two is more suitable, depends entirely on your specific situation and needs.

Sina Birkholz Breatwork

"Sina always makes me feel understood on a very deep level in our one-on-one sessions. I am always amazed at how each session is accompanied by deep insight and realization, followed by emotional release. I now feel after about 2 months that my emotional inner world has changed significantly for the better. Sina has accomplished in a short time what previously seemed impossible in many individual sessions of psychotherapy. I wish I had met Sina earlier and I am sure that it would have shortened my suffering significantly. For me, an unreserved recommendation!"

Mathias, Germany

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