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The Circle of Growth is a monthly highlight! Once a month we meet online, in a small, committed group to share, breathe and grow together. 

In this intimate and familiar setting, there is space for each participant to talk about her/his own experiences and learn from each other. In community, in communication and connection with others, our full potential for healing and growth can unfold.

Each meeting is dedicated to a specific topic, e.g. "self-love", "finding my calling", "inner conflicts", "family and our roles", "body", "emotions", etc. About a week before the meeting, participants receive suggestions for reflection, introspection, and journaling so that they can explore the topic for themselves and prepare for the session. In our three-hour session, we combine movement with conversation, breathing with reflection. Each session is unique, depending on the theme and the needs of the group. The focus is an hour of conscious, connected breathing; other recurring elements include guided visualizations around the theme of the month, shaking and dancing, sharing of experiences and insights either in the group or in breakout rooms, and writing exercises to further explore the theme of the month. 


The Circle has been gathering since March 2021, and time and time again I am amazed at what a supportive and loving healing space we create, combined with lots of transformative energy, a good dose of humor, and lots of connection


"I have been participating in the Circle of Growth for almost a year now, and it has become a routine that I cherish. Thanks to the fixed group and regular meetings, it takes place in an atmosphere of safety that allows for a profound degree of openness and honesty.

The combination of conscious exploration of the topics that Sina prepares, which are always well-thought-out and inspiring, and the breathing session allows you to get to know yourself a little better each time.

Through bearing witness to one another’s experiences within the group and Sina's loving and attentive guidance, it provides the perfect space to gently but steadily work on one's own growth while also connecting with others."

Lucia, Germany

Is this for me?

The Circle of Growth is an offer for those who are ready to commit to their personal growth and who desire the inspiration and support of a group of like-minded people. 


Are you ready to commit to being present and engaged in our three-hour monthly meeting? Are you curious to explore your self through journaling and reflection exercises and willing to invest 20 to 40 minutes for this in preparation of our gathering?  Are you ready to share your feelings and thoughts in a safe, confidential, and loving space? Do you want to get to know your self and other fellow humans better, and are you ready to go on a profound journey towards your authentic self?


The upcoming Circle will be held in German. You can register for it here. If you would like to participate in an English-speaking Circle, please send me an e-mail, to join us.

The details


Date: on the third Saturday of each month, the next round of the Circle starts on October 21, 2023 and runs till June 2024.  

The nine sessions take place on: 

October 21 / November 18 / December 16 / January 20 / February 17 / March 16 / April 20 / May 18 / June 15

Time: 15:30 - 18:30 CET (Berlin time)


Contribution: Early Bird Price (till August 18, 23): 250 € – Regular Price: 330 € 

This includes 

  • 9 Circle sessions of 3 hours each, held online on Zoom

  • Each session includes a full guided session of conscious connected breathing (about 50-60 minutes), some food for though on the topic, sharing in the group, movement or reflection exercises, a guided mediation or breakout rooms. (The exact content depends on the topic and the need of the group.)

  • Journaling prompts and questions for reflection to prepare for the session (received by the participants in advance)

  • Support via email if any questions arise between sessions

  • Connecting with a group of like-minded people

  • Discount and early registration for the Circle of the following year.

Location: online, on Zoom


Prerequisite: Trust is important to maintain safety in the Circle. Therefore, the Circle is only open to people who have already worked with me, either in the open groups (Breathwork Voyages or weekly sessions) or in an individual session. 

Important Note: The Circle of Growth 2023/24 with the dates announced here will be held in German. If you are an English-speaker and would like to have the Circle Experience, please message me. Once we have a sufficient number of requests, we'll start an English-speaking Circle group! 

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