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Schamanic Energy Work

Shamanic energy work helps to release blockages in our energy system. The wisdom traditions of this world know that we are also energetic beings. This is taken up in Qi Gong as well as in Yoga and shamanic practices. From this perspective, physical and mental well-being also have an energetic component. Therefore, depending on the symptom and issue, energy work can be a useful complement to conventional medical and psychological therapy. Shamanic energy work as I practice it is especially helpful when you feel "stuck" with an issue or "just can't get ahead" despite all your efforts. It will also help you discover new aspects of the presenting issue.


As a shamanic practitioner, I have learned to specifically intervene in the energy system of the body and to dissolve blockages here. In this way your self-healing powers are activated and you can approach existing challenges in a completely different way and take new paths. In addition, we will inquire how you can prevent the emergence of new blockages, so that the changes can become sustainable.


If you want to learn more about shamanism, check out my blogpost on the topic. If you're curious what a shamanic one-to-one session looks like, scroll down. 

Sina Birholz Schamanische Energiearbeit

„I have worked with Sina in two sessions so far and would work with her and trust her anytime. She is open, professional, dedicated, sincere and funny. Her deep connection to herself, makes her understand others with ease and compassion.“

Leonie, Deutschland

What does a Shamanic one-to-one session look like? 


A session lasts about 1.5 hours. We begin with a conversation of about 30 minutes, followed by about 30 minutes of energy work, and conclude with a debriefing  (the length of which depends largely on the topic and your needs and interests). 


I work with you on the energetic, emotional, and mental levels to help you return to your natural balance, activate your self-healing and problem-solving capacities, and thus bring movement to stuck situations.


While the main focus of the shamanic treatment is on the energetic level (or your "energy body" as it is often called), it is important for me to also empower you to actively work towards your well-being and transformation afterwards. Therefore, we will also spend time on finding appropriate tools and techniques for you to move forward on your own. Our conversation will also give you the opportunity to discover previously unnoticed dimensions of your issue or problem and to develop new perspectives. In this way, we increase your freedom to feel and act in ways that serve you and your well-being. Usually one session is enough to help my clients take a step in the direction they want to go.


Your issue or problem may be emotional, mental, or physical – or all of the above. The more acute, the better it can be treated. At the beginning of our session, we take time for you to tell me what you want to work on. We can only effectively work on one issue or problem per session. If you have difficulty defining a topic, you can bring up to three topics. In this case, we will decide together where to focus our session. 

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