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Mindfulness is central to our work together. It is about arriving with our attention in the present, feeling and noticing what is actually happening right now. Cultivating this state of mindfulness has been shown to help heal trauma and increase our emotional well-being. So whether in group sessions or one-on-one, I will always invite you to pause, connect with your body, and adopt an observant, accepting attitude toward yourself. 


In cultivating mindfulness, your breath has a central role. Through your breathing you can actively influence the state of your nervous system. At the same time, everyday breathing exercises are a wonderful tool to feel into ourselves and practice to be intentional with our awareness. The goal is to refine our perception of our internal states, to get in touch with ourselves and our feelings, and to learn to regulate ourselves emotionally even better.


In my individual sessions I work specifically with these 'small' breathing exercises to help you get in touch with your body and to empower you to self-regulate. The exercises support you in feeling what moves (within) you and in experiencing the positive influence the breath can have on your state of being.

You can take many of these exercises with you into your everyday life.

Sina Birkholz Achtsamkeit durch Atmen

Sina’s sessions were very helpful in many ways. For starters, it integrates the body as central in being in the world. Only talking often falls short after a therapeutic session. However, with Sina, I was challenged to fuel my own batteries and my own sense of self. After the end of our sessions, I acquired basic yet powerful techniques to help myself, connect with my inner world, and find patience and understanding in the chaotic and uncertain world in which we all live in.

Doaa, Egypt

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