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It is almost always our own patterns, usually arising from early adaptation strategies, that stand in the way of us living the life we dream of and realising our full potential. When we understand our unconscious mechanisms and reconnect with our true selves, we find freedom and contentment.

Working in one-to-one sessions offers you the perfect setting to recognize and dissolve your patterns, and free yourself from the shackles of your past. 

Twice a month I take you on a journey to your innermost self. You have the opportunity to arrive more in your body, to let go of your everyday concerns and to find peace. You can recharge your batteries and find clarity.

The virtual, open group sessions are a wonderful way to experience breathwork and to meet your true self.

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The Circle of Growth is one of my absolute favorite formats. Once a month we meet online in a small, committed group to share, breathe and grow together.

In this familiar and intimate setting, there is space for each participant to share their own experiences and learn from each other.

An immersive 4-session online course for understanding how the state of your Autonomic Nervous System influences your quality of life, improving your relationship with your ANS, and applying this knowledge so you can experience more connection and happiness.

Finding more peace, joy and balance
within your body and your life.

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