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Shamanic journeying and
guided meditations

Inner journeying is part of the classic toolkit of the shaman, and I use it primarily in group workshops. I work mainly with images and paths that I know from the ancient Mexican Toltec tradition. In this process, we use a specific breathing technique to enter a different state of consciousness (quite similar to an awake sleep) before embarking on a journey through certain (life) themes in a symbolically mediated process. The symbolic landscape we travel through represents aspects of our deep unconscious.

The guided meditations with which I introduce my Breathwork Voyages follow a very similar principle. Here, too, the aim is to work on symbolically mediated themes while turning one's attention inward. At the same time, the state of consciousness in the guided meditation is usually closer to everyday consciousness than it is in a shamanic journey.

If you are curious to experience shamanic journeying in a group, please check the event page for upcoming opportunities. If you prefer to be guided individually, please get in touch to arrange for a private session.


"I’ve done the core transformation process and the Shamanic healing, it helped me to heal my inner child. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to have come across a fb post where I was directed to her. Each therapy moved something within that led me towards a self healing internal process."

Lera Lange, Integrative Atemtherapeutin, Deutschland

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