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I take a holistic approach in my work, with the goal of bringing heart and mind, body and spirit back into balance.


Only when we become aware of our body and our feelings again, we can come to rest and unfold our true potential. Again and again in my work I have been amazed and in awe to witness that often the simple act of re-establishing this connection with themselves is sufficient to bring the well-being and inner clarity that my clients are looking for.


My work is trauma-informed and experiential. Sessions take place online and offline. I weave together different methods, always oriented to your needs and goals.

I work online and offline,
in one-on-one sessions, open groups and workshops,
and run the monthly Circle of Growth group

The issues I have successfully helped people with are many and varied: the desire for more self-acceptance and self-love; changing or improving the relationship with one's parents; change in the area of romantic relationships; improving their mood; processing difficult events; getting out of a personal slump; freeing oneself from negative, limiting beliefs; reconciling with difficult or hard-to-accept parts of the self; tracing and exploring behavioural patterns; finding a better work-life balance; setting boundaries in harmony with one's needs; finding one's own way and creating confidence in oneself and the world....

Whatever your issue, feel free to reach out. We can clarify in a free 20-minute orientation call how I can best support you.

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The specific methods I use in my individual and group sessions are:


Clarity BreathworkTM

With the power of

conscious, connected breathing, we enter into an altered state of consciousness in which we can reconnect with our body, our intuition and inner wisdom.


Compassionate Inquiry


Compassionate Inquiry helps you to reconnect with your inner truth. This increasingly liberates you from self-produced suffering, and allows you to gain insights, clarity and increased freedom to choose your behaviour and reactions.


Shamanic Work

Helps to resolve blockages and activates your self-healing abilities, reminds you of your purpose and calling in life, so you can meet existing challenges in a completely new way and embark on a different more fulfilling path.


Parts Work

Parts work, like IFS - Internal Family Systems - rests on the assumption that our psyche is arranged in multiple parts who all want the best for us and can be re-aligned. By getting in touch with the parts, we can resolve inner conflict and get back to self-love and self-acceptance.


Shamanic voyages and guided meditations 

Inner voyages are a classic tool of shamanic work. They serve to engage with the healing powers of the deep unconscious. I primarily work with symbols and paths which I know from the Mexican Toltec tradition - plus my intuition



The goal is to

increase the awareness

of our body, our state of

mind and the state of our nervous system, and to get in touch with our feelings. So we can begin to notice our needs and  better regulate our nervous system

and emotions. 

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My work is trauma-informed, experience-based, and theoretically well-founded.

"Experience-based" has several components: I first try and test every method for myself before I apply it with my clients. In our work together, I constantly check back with you what you are experiencing. We use what feels right to you and has an effect for you. Your feedback is essential for defining how our joint work proceeds. 

At the same time, it matters to me to understand why a certain method works. The scholar in me wants to know the theory and research explaining our experience and the effects of it. So I continuously study research relevant to my areas of work. Besides research on breathwork, shamanism, and mindfulness, this also includes more generally: altered states of consciousness and their healing potential; the functioning of our nervous system and psyche; the relationship between physical, mental, and emotional health; the experience of happiness and well-being; origin and treatment of different types of trauma; the psychology of relationships; the interconnectedness of our nervous system and relationships (interpersonal neurobiology).
In the Ressource section of my website, you will soon find links and references to interesting literature; in my blog I will regularly introduce different approaches to increase well-being and give insights into ongoing discussions.  

While I am not a trauma-therapist, I am well aware of the role trauma plays for our society in general and my clients in particular. I find it central to increase awareness and understanding not only for schock trauma but also for developmental trauma. I greatly appreciate the work of Peter Levine, who developed Somatic Experiencing and whose concepts and methods for trauma healing (e.g. Pendulation, Titration) have found their way into trauma work at large and into various therapeutic procedures such as Breathwork far beyond Somatic Experiencing.


Since concluding my initial breathwork training, I have familiarised myself with Steven Porges' Polyvagal Theory and therapeutic approaches that take his findings into account. I have engaged with the work of Bessel Van der Kolk, Bonnie Badenoch, Janine Fisher, Dan Siegel, and Melanie Büttner in my self-study and online courses. I am an active member of the Trauma Working Group of the German Breathing Association. For me personally, courses, texts and interviews by Ilan Stephani, Dami Charf, and Gabor Maté were most transformational. In September 2021, I have begun a year-long professional training in Compassionate Inquiry by Gabor Maté which focuses on the causes and effects of developmental trauma and people's liberation from it.

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Important Note

Breathwork and Shamanic Work can complement both psychotherapy and medical treatment very well. However, I explicitly state that your Breathwork or Shamanic session is not a substitute for psychiatric or medical treatment or diagnostic work.

Under no circumstances should prescribed medications be discontinued or taken differently than prescribed without consultation with your treating physician.

If you are undergoing therapeutic or medical treatment, please talk with your therapist/doctor and me about whether and how breath therapy and/or shamanic work might be appropriate for you at this time.


As a Breathworker and Shamanic Practitioner, I guide people in using their breath for emotional processes and/or work with the blocking energies in people's energy systems and support people in their process of growth and change. It is not a medical practice and I do not make any healing promises. 

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