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A one-to-one session offers you the opportunity to focus completely on yourself and your concerns – while I am at your side, supporting you with my full attention and all my knowledge and skills. 

I support you in a focused, compassionate, and flexible way. To aid your development in the present moment, I am a reliable and committed guide on your side. Thanks to my interdisciplinary training, I can tap into a large variety of skills and techniques. Depending on your topic and needs, I interweave numerous techniques ranging from breathwork over compassionate inquiry to shamanic practices. You can read more about my methods here

At the beginning, we clarify in a free 20-minute orientation call, how I can best assist you in your problem solving and personal growth.  


Are you curious?

Then book your free 20-minute orientation call.

You're already determined to go for your transformation? 

Then message me to book your first 1-on-1 session.


Usually it is our own patterns, derived from early adjustment and coping strategies, that block us from having the life that we want. Once we compassionately understand our unconscious mechanisms and reconnect with our true self, the path to freedom and happiness is open.

Working in one-to-one sessions provides you with the perfect container to recognize your patterns, develop a compassionate relationship with yourself and all your parts, and threw off the chains of your past. You are meant to be free. You are meant to thrive. And I cannot imagine a greater honour than to accompany you in realising your inner freedom. 


Private Breathwork Session


1 Breathwork session of 120 minutes (online*)

including tailor-made recommendations for practices you can do after the session to support your process

Fee: 200 €


Shamanic Energy Session


1 Shamanic Energy Healing session of 90 minutes (online*) 

including tailor-made recommendations, how you can continue on your path of development and growth after the session 

Fee: 150 €

Compassionate Inquiry Coaching Session


1 Compassionate Inquiry (CI) Coaching session of 55 minutes (online*)

Fee: 100 €


helps both of us,

commitment creates trust.  

I'm therefore offering you

a 10% discount

if you book a package of

10 private sessions.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

“Sina gave me a safe space to share and open up. It was such a relief to finally have someone to talk to about the things that I have been hiding and carrying around for so long. From the first session on I felt seen, heard and understood. She was by my side when I revisited defining moments from my past to guide me through them and let go of emotions and beliefs that are no longer needed.

I have learnt that I don't have to succumb to my emotions and triggers anymore, because there is a way to work through them. After every session I felt lighter and sensed a shift in my perception regarding my own habits, thought patterns and relationships.

My 10 sessions with Sina made a big difference in my personal growth journey and I am so grateful to have her and her guidance in my life.

Thank you so much for everything, Sina. For listening, your empathy and for helping me bring more clarity to my emotional world. I am so glad our paths crossed!” 

Madeline, South Africa

How many sessions do I need?

Transformation takes time. Healing takes time.


I therefore prefer to work with my clients over a period of several months. Every problem you would like to address has multiple layers, and it is worthwhile to get to the bottom of them. And the more space and time you give yourself for your processes, the more profound and sustainable your transformation can be.


At the same time, the duration of the process also depends on the topic, your objective, and your prior work.

Sometimes, one single session is sufficient to get the ball rolling and put you on a new path.

For the Compassionate Inquiry Coaching a minimum of three sessions has proven itself; often longer-term support is most helpful.

With Breathwork, I recommend to start with an arc of 10 sessions. This gives you the space to grasp your issues in their complexity, initiate profound changes, and begin to sustainably anchor them in your everyday life. The rhythm for these 10 sessions is usually weekly or bi-weekly. Afterwards you can see if any topics need more focused attention, in which modality and what frequency. Of course you can also book a single Breathwork session at any time.

For Shamanic Work we will do a maximum of three sessions (one or two weeks apart from each other), after that, a three-months break is needed. Breathwork, CI and shamanic sessions can be well combined.


I offer integration support between sessions via email or WhatsApp (if desired) and you will receive tailored recommendations for exercises to do between sessions if needed.


Then book your free orientation call (20 minutes, online/phone)

Already decided?

Then book your first session.



You would like to know more?  

Then send me an email or look at How I work and How I describe myself and my background .


*If you would prefer to have an on-site session, please contact me to find out if this is possible at the moment.

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Important Note

Breathwork, CI Coaching, and Shamanic Work can complement both psychotherapy and medical treatment very well. However, I explicitly state that your Breathwork, CI or Shamanic session is not a substitute for psychiatric or medical treatment or diagnostic work.

Under no circumstances should prescribed medications be discontinued or taken differently than prescribed without consultation with your treating physician.

If you are undergoing therapeutic or medical treatment, please talk with your therapist/doctor and me about whether and how breath therapy and/or shamanic work might be appropriate for you at this time.


As a Breathworker, CI coach and Shamanic Practitioner, I guide people in using their breath for emotional processes and/or work with the blocking energies in people's energy systems and support people in their process of growth and change. It is not a medical practice and I do not make any healing promises. 

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